The Simpsons Edition Jeopardy! Board Game

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If you love JEOPARDY! AND you love The Simpsons,why,your ship has come in!

The Simpsons' Edition JEOPARDY! game brings together the giant talents

from both shows into one astonishing game,so there's something for

everyone who like either show and an amazing wealth of goods for

those who like both shows!

Thirty-five game featuring over 1700 answers and questions

about The Simpsons are included.There are dozens of categories


.Simpsons Sing Along -- Lisa's Brain Teasers  

.Who Shot Mr Burns? -- TV or Not TV

.At a Town Meeting -- Homer for the Holidays

.Homer in the Slammer -- Bart's Atlas

and dozens more!

You get the answers and have to give the questions.

That's what they  do on the real JEOPARDY! show.Yes,we have both

rounds of play--JEOPARDY! and DOUBLE JEOPARDY!

And,yes,DAILY DOUBLES,too.

But we've got more.Specially designed Simpsons art really

makes the game board extra fun,and The Simpsons play

money could never be mistaken for real jump on the sofa and join in the fun!


.35 game sheets with 1750 answers

.game console

.play money

.game die

.value display cards


.question booklet


For 3 to 5 players

Ages 12 to Adult

( Brand New Factory Sealed )