Imation 8X DVD+R 4.7GB Recordable Disc With Case -10 Pack

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  • Imation 8X DVD+R 4.7GB Recordable Disc With Jewel Case. This Is  For  A  10  Pack  Of  DVDS
  • Imation DVD+R discs extend the functionality of DVD+RW media in a write-once format that offers up to 4.7GB of storage capacity.
  • This equates to the storage capacity of seven CD-R/RW discs and the potential to store thousands of digital photographs or approximately two hours of digital video.
  • Imation's DVD+R discs are certified for 8x recording speed (equivalent to 10.57MB/second or 72x CD-R performance) - the fastest recording speed of any current DVD format.
  • Ideal for both the consumer or business professional with data-intensive, high-performance application needs, these discs can be read by DVD+RW drives, and can be played back in the majority of DVD-ROM drives and DVD video players in use today.
  • Ideal for combined storage of music, video and data, transfer of video and large capacity data files, Internet downloads and massive archival storage.
  • Plus, with DVD+R discs, information is permanently recorded and cannot be erased or altered.
  • Each disc comes inside of a standard size jewel case and is wrapped in clear plastic.
  • 10-Pack  in  Brown  Box