We Specialize  in Selling High Quality Products,

Toys, Gifts,Clothing Shoes,Jewelry & Watches, And  A Wide Variety of Merchandise,

We  Located in  Opelika,Alabama,

We Been Selling on Ebay For 11 Years,

 We just open this website on  March 10/2014,

 All Orders Ship in 1 or 2  Business days,or same day,

  We  only ship to United States and Canada only,

 We try to answer all question  asap,

 you can contact us at,

  Call  US  Toll Free (1-800-624-4998) Monday Through  Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM,

 or  E-mail us at, frbooks58@aol.com,

  you can E-mail us any  times

  or you can visit  our website, fs-gifts.myshopify.com